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Benefits of proper maintenance of HVAC Systems and Air Conditioners

Posted by Michelle Moore on March 11, 2019

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Carrying out regular checkups and maintenance takes good care of an investment. Experts for HVAC recommend that furnaces, A/C and ventilation must be serviced and tested approximately once in a year. This applies to little TLC as well that they must be checked and tested annually. Absolutely, conducting annual checkups by qualified technicians adds more life to the system. Therefore, HVAC systems must be serviced for various reasons to realize its benefits at large.

Benefits of proper maintenance of HVAC Systems

Maintaining regularly HVAC systems saves resources such as money and gives the family the comfort it requires in every winter season. Many other benefits are attached to proper and regular maintenance of the HVAC systems.

Proper maintenance gives the HVAC system a longer life span, and this is the primary advantage. Usually, HVAC systems last for about 10-20 years, and with proper maintenance, they can last up to 30 years. Undoubtedly, the life span of the system depends on the regular checkups and maintenance practices carried out. Poor maintenance means replacement of the systems sooner than expected.

Proper maintenance attracts lower utility bills as properly maintained systems perform efficient and better. Therefore, the efficient running of the air conditioners attracts low energy bills compared to inefficient air conditioners.

Properly maintained gives a piece of mind to the homeowners. Servicing HVAC systems regularly provides the homeowner with enough time to rest, as they are not likely to break down easily especially when needed most and urgently. Again, servicing gives enough time for a technician to plan and replace worn out parts before they cause expensive damages, for instance, damaging the whole equipment.

Proper maintenance ensures fewer repairs. Regularly maintained HVAC systems do not require frequent reparations compared to systems that are not properly maintained. Ideally, servicing gives time technicians to identify and resolve issues before they mature up and become more problematic.

Proper maintenance gives more indoor comfort. Serviced furnaces and other conditioning systems work efficiently; therefore, subjecting families to the comfort they require. They ensure steady and assured performance, unlike unmaintained systems that may break any time when they are needed most.

Proper maintenance ensures high quality and good air circulation within the home. HVAC systems are meant to cool and heat spaces as well as provide adequate ventilation. Therefore, regular checkups ensure high-quality air and remove possible irritants for instance dust and allergens.

Proper maintenance reduces expenses that could be incurred in shopping for the spare parts. Skipping checkups is not saving money but attracting the use of more money in carrying out the reparations. Servicing furnaces and air conditioners regularly cut off the costs of buying expensive spare parts. Therefore, skipping servicing HVAC systems is costly.

The Guidelines for carrying out HVAC Maintenance

On purchasing the air filters, it is important to check on the manufactures instructions to know replacing time for filters and cleaning is due. Cleaning and replacing the filters and cleaning them is an important step that ensures that ensures the whole systems works optimally. Lack of cleaning the filters leads to clogging thus making the furnace slow. This will increase the energy bills and the vulnerability of the conditioning system breakdown. Therefore, it is important to replace the filters monthly.
Regular Maintenance

Undoubtedly, the majority of the homeowners assume the importance of carrying out preventive maintenance for their conditioning systems. Regularly servicing the HVAC system is important just like servicing the vehicles.

Ideally, carrying out regular maintenance on the HVAC system and air conditioners is important as it adds life to the devices, ensure high quality of air is supplied within the home, minimizes reparation costs, lowers utility bills, brings the desired comfort to the home. Therefore, contact HVAC contractors to help in services these great devices thus ensure the family is safe during winter and summer seasons.

Simple Tips For Choosing The Best HVAC Contractor

Posted by Michelle Moore on March 10, 2019

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As you prepare for the cold winter or hot summer months to arrive, it is the perfect time to research air heating and air conditioning installation contractors. Prepare in advance for making an informed purchasing decision on both the right HVAC contractor and the brand of equipment.

Many homeowners have dealt with the same cooling and heating contractor for years, but most do not have one on their speed dial. If you require to locate a company you can depend on for the comfort needs of your family, ask yourself, “How do I choose an HVAC contractor, which will do an excellent job at reasonable prices?”

Keep these tips in mind when you search for a contractor for installing your new cooling system before the extremely hot weather arrives. He will help you make an informed decision, as well as help, ensure you choose the right equipment.

Get a pro’s opinion

Some homeowners prefer the recommendation of a professional contractor rather than starting from scratch. He will assist you in locating a reputable HVAC professional.

Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) is the HVAC industry’s leading trade group. Its members commit to delivering quality indoor air quality, cooling, heating, and home performance services. They serve industrial, commercial, and residential customers.

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is an independent certifying group for HVAC technicians. NATE conduct ongoing education and skills certification for industry contractors. Working with a NATE certified mechanic benefits customers via reduced power bills, quick service, and correct air conditioning installation. For peace of mind, search for a company that hires NATE certified AC installation contractors.

Seek the experience of others

Interested in learning what is it like working with a specific HVAC professional prior to hiring? Listen to what other clients have to say. Educate yourself about customer service delivered, the quality of work performed, and the ability of the contractor ability to navigate tricky technical as well as customer situations.

Ask neighbors, family members, and trusted friends for HVAC contractor recommendations. These individuals will not lead you astray. They are more likely to provide you with details of great experiences, and reasons why you should not hire certain companies. If a family member or friend knows an air conditioning installation contractor, they highly recommend and with whom they have worked with in the past that company is sure to do an excellent job for you, too.

Visit home services-specific sites such as HomeAdvisor or online review site, which provide comprehensive accounts of customer experiences for numerous local air conditioning professionals. You may see a mix of bad and good reviews. Remember, these sites offer a place for dissatisfied customers to complain. Look for a response from the companies, see the professionalism with which they handle poor public reviews. Did they offer to address the problem graciously? Did they respond with negativity or kindness?

Verify license

Many local areas and/or states require HVAC contractors to possess a license. Certain areas need testing or a number of on-the-job hours. Licensing can provide assurance to consumers that the contractor indeed has the skills and knowledge required to perform HVAC work. Working with a licensed contractor offers you protection as well, as some areas demand that contractors are insured. Most local areas and states offer online directories, where you can search the contractor’s licensing. A quick online search allows you to find your area’s or state’s contractor licensing requirements.

As you scrutinize contractors for your upcoming heating and/or air conditioning installation, conduct your research and follow the above advice. These steps will boost your odds of finding a dependable and honest local professional. Avoid scams and poor workmanship by checking contractors before hiring them.

HVAC Automation

Posted by Michelle Moore on March 4, 2019

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Did you know that heating and air conditioning is estimated to be 40% of a large building’s total energy consumption? With that in mind, having the best HVAC system is a crucial step in reigning in high utility costs. If you’ve done everything you can to maintain your building, it may be time to update your HVAC system to take advantages of innovations in heating and air conditioning control


HVAC conservation saves on utility costs but placing your heating and air conditioning on a schedule. Long weekend?  Leave your systems off for an extended period of time. Don’t pay for heating and air conditioning when your building is unoccupied. Use HVAC conservation and let the timer prevent you from forgetting to shut off your system


By employing a schedule that runs on a timer, your HVAC conservation system is virtually foolproof.  Effortlessly control your heating and air conditioning. The only thing you need to do is make sure your timers are correct, and the system does the rest. Your heating and air conditioning will work at maximum efficiency. Our software allows you to monitor your energy consumption and make adjustments as necessary